Top 4 Ways to Keep Your IT Costs Down

Cutting costs is the primary goal for most business owners. They’ll scour their books looking for areas that offer a little wiggle room and decide what’s important and what’s a luxury. The reality is, due to lack of time or expertise, nearly every business has hidden savings within their IT. Here are four major steps you can take to make better technology decisions that improve your bottom line.


#1 – Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Network

Proactively monitoring a network’s device data lets you identify abnormal activity in real time, giving you the ability to act before small hiccups snowball into large problems. Plus, it reduces downtime and investigation time, saving you time and money when problems do occur.


#2 – Look at Downtime Differently

You can spend thousands to protect your company, but no form of technology is completely fool-proof. All businesses experience some form of downtime. The reason companies pay so much for networks isn’t to ensure they’re up 99.9 percent of the time but to make sure the .1 percent they’re not available doesn’t bring your operation to a screeching halt. What does your businesses continuity plan look like? How long can you be down? How will you access your data if your servers crash? Will your business survive? Preventing downtime is important but having an action plan that kicks in when downtime takes place is imperative.


#3 – Prepare for Growth

The biggest costs that often get overlooked are in predicting the pace of business and change. Growth is the reason you’re in business, but it’s tough to anticipate costs when it happens fast. You need scalable, flexible technology solutions. Look to the cloud to meet your currents needs with the ability to scale up or down while also removing the costs of increasing physical hardware and software licensing.


#4 – Ask Questions First

Advice from a professional is the best way to ensure you don’t overspend on IT. Too many businesses jump into making hasty, uniformed decisions about technology investments and network infrastructures and end up paying too much. By talking with a managed service provider like us, you get all the facts and understand the cost associated with each potential decision.


Technology is essential for your success, but you have a lot of balls in the air, so it often takes a backseat or doesn’t get the right focus—leading to costly decisions. Now’s the perfect time to get some expert advice. Through November 30, get a free, no-obligation IT cost reduction assessment. We’ll take a look at your current situation, make recommendations on where you can save and offer affordable options for the future. If we can’t save you money, we’ll give you $100. We’re here to help.

How much downtime is too much?

According to an IHS study, outages cost enterprises $700 billion a year. Though this statistic is alarming, it doesn’t quite hit home for many businesses. But, doing the math for your specific organization and calculating your true cost of downtime is critical to understanding how much you can really afford.

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Focus on Running Your Business, We’ll Focus on Running Your IT

As technology continues to evolve, so do your technology needs. But many businesses lack the internal resources they need to fully manage IT on their own and—when your resources are lagging behind—your business lags behind your competitors.

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Are you safe and secure in the cloud?

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Office 365 is the Competitive Edge Your Business Needs

According to Forrester Research, Office 356 delivered an ROI of 321 percent within a payback period of two months. With statistics like that, it’s no surprise that more businesses are not only moving towards cloud computing, but using Office 365 because it improves productivity, provides IT peace of mind and reduces costs compared to similar on-premise implementations.

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Headed to Yankee Dental Congress 2016? Don’t forget to visit LANConnect Systems Inc at Booth 2427

Headed to Yankee Dental Congress 2016? Don’t forget to visit LANConnect Systems Inc at Booth 2427

Come chat with us about what technology is new for your Dental Practice, we’ll have product displays and informative information about hardware and cloud services unique to Dental Practices.

We hope to see you January 28 -30 at Yankee Dental Congress 2016

Yankee Dental Congress 2015 – Hard Drive Shredding Winner!

Were you one of the many who guessed at how many hard-drives were in the glass jar at our booth at Yankee Dental Congress in Boston last week? We received guesses ranging from 2 to 5000…but there can only be one winner.

Over the three days of the show we received six (6) correct guesses of 16 hard-drives! From those correct guesses, we chose at random, one winner for the free Apple iPad Mini!

The one winner of the Apple iPad Mini is Badge #: 210052 – we will be in touch soon to arrange a time to deliver the device to you at your office!

Visit our booth next year at Yankee Dental Congress 2016 for another try! And remember, if your dental practice is trying to arrange for secure destruction of your old computers or hard-drives contact LANConnect Systems for assistance. We provide secure, certified destruction of old hard-drives.

Ribbon Cutting at our new Franklin, MA location!

Ribbon Cutting at our new Franklin, MA location on Tuesday October 14th at 2:45PM!

The United Chamber of Commerce is holding a Ribbon Cutting on Tuesday, October 14 here at our new offices in Franklin, MA from the hours of 2:45PM to 5:00PM.

We hope to see you there!

Follow up on our recent Recycle & Donate event on 9/27

A huge thank you to everyone who came down on Saturday, September 27th to our annual drive for the Franklin Food Pantry. This year was our largest collection of both food & monetary contributions in the five years that we have been doing this drive for local food pantries. All proceeds for this year’s event went directly to the Franklin Food Pantry.

In the process, we saved an entire truck of toxic e-waste from making it to the local landfills!

We look forward to next year’s event!

Thank you, the staff at LANConnect Systems, Inc

Recycle and Donate!

Join us for a computer recycling event to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry!

Bring your old electronic equipment and/or computer equipment to be recycled along with non-perishable foods for donation.  There is no fee (except for CRT/LCD monitors, televisions, and hard-drive destruction) to drop off your equipment as long as you make a donation to the food pantry!

You can bring anything with a power cord; computers, monitors, laptops, appliances, etc.

Please remember that for certain items such as CRT/LCD monitors, and televisions we will be collecting a cash donation which helps defray the cost of disposal and covers a donation to the Franklin Food Pantry.

All proceeds to benefit the Franklin Food Pantry, who will be on-site during the event!

This is our annual recycling event that we have help for the past five years collecting more than 750 pounds of non-perishable goods which have been donated to local food pantries.  We hope that this year will be our biggest success yet, but we need your help!

Link to our EventBrite site: Recycle and Donate!